Trekker implements a state-of-the-art tractography algorithm, parallel transport tractography (PTT). PTT is capable of reconstructing geometrically smooth and topographically organized fiber bundles. Click here to learn how cite PTT in your publications.

Trekker software has the following features:

  • Clean probabilistic tractography with PTT.

  • Pathway rules that offer flexible options to reconstruct intricate connections.

  • Time limiting enables tracking for a given length of duration, specification of streamline count is optional.

  • Multithreading reconstructs streamlines using multiple cores of a CPU.

  • Support for asymmetric FODs provides a more flexible option for fiber tracking.

  • Command line interface, an essential requirement to write scripts for processing big data in computer grids.

  • Python package, wrapped using Cython from Trekker’s C/C++ code which provides easy access to PTT algorithm for python lovers.

  • .vtk output, that is compatible with a large number of third party 3D rendering software, for easy and high quality visualizations.


  • For latest stand-alone executables, click here.

  • githublogo Go to Trekker’s source code by clicking here.

A quick example

# Clean whole brain tractography with intuitive options
./trekker -fod FOD.nii.gz \
          -seed_image WHITEMATTER.nii.gz \
          -seed_count 100000 \
          -pathway=discard_if_ends_inside WHITEMATTER.nii.gz \
          -pathway=discard_if_enters CSF.nii.gz \
          -minLength 20 \
          -maxLength 300 \
          -output OUTPUT.vtk