maps tractogram features on a surface


./trekker track2surf [OPTIONS] <input tractogram> <input surface mesh> <output surface mesh> <field name>


  • <input tractogram> TEXT:FILE REQUIRED Input tractogram (.vtk, .tck)

  • <input surface mesh> TEXT:FILE REQUIRED Input surface mesh (.vtk, .gii)

  • <output surface mesh> TEXT REQUIRED Output surface mesh (.vtk)

  • <field name> TEXT REQUIRED Field name to use when writing the feature on the surface mesh


Option Description
--feature TEXT REQUIRED Name of output feature. Options are: "streamlineDensity", "streamlineCount", "contactAngle" and "contactDirection".

General options

Option Description
-h, --help Print this help message and exit.
-n, --numberOfThreads INT Number of threads.
-v, --verbose TEXT Verbose level. Options are "quiet", "fatal", "error", "warn", "info", and "debug". Default=info.
-f, --force Force overwriting of existing file.